Our Company

CREOBIZ Bvba was founded in 2002 by Erik Cotman, upon his return in Belgium.  After having lived in Germany , Munich while working for Compaq Computers EMEA and Living the DOT.COM burst when running the DACH operations of Elateral the entire family went for a sabbatical to Australia.
Besides being hot and beautiful  The trip through the South East of Australia brought us in contact with Shadesails, a beautiful and functional architectural structure that provides the Australians with Shade but also provides  magnificent esthetically creations.
 The idea of starting our own company was born! 

Are we on the correct website yo would think?
Sometimes opportunities make things turn out different as expected,  4 weeks before returning to Europe I was asked to perform an Interim Job;  Wherenet needed someone to manage the BMW account in Munich and the relationship with Siemens.. as you can guess the first Business Development assignment was not the last and CREOBIZ Business Development Services was Born ( and the shadesails  bizplans are still in the drawer).

In 2010 we launched our Admin Services, with the same moto "invest in results, Not in <headcount"  with this service we offer a  personal assistant when you need it and only pay for the services you require.  from setting up meetings, managing the office supplies to payroll and fleet management.   

If you want to know more about us, let us know !


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